Non-Profit Commission Plan
additional commission opportunity


In efforts to boost fund raising opportunities for any 501c Non-Profit Organization, Call MD Plus has created a program that will clearly offer an outstanding service to all whom wish to generate an ongoing monthly contributions from members.

Call MD Plus will contribute 50% of the proceeds from the sale of Call MD Plus products and services to the specific Non-Profit 501c for the FIRST MONTH and 25% every month thereafter as long as the interested party is a member in good standing. These contributions come directly from Call MD Plus to the 501c.

Call MD Plus will provide the 501c Non=Profit organization a branded Call MD Plus website with SECURE online enrollment for their members. Members will receive an outstanding and valuable service, the Non-Profit receives ongoing contributions.

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To enroll a Non-Profit, please fax or email the Non-Profit Application into corporate at 800-473-7001 or

Non-Profit Commission Book

Non-Profit Application