Ambassador Coded Bonus Program
Rewarding those who demonstrate excellence

Ambassador Customer Acquisition Program

The Ambassador Customer Acquisition Program (A-CAP) is designed to reward those Associates who demonstrate excellence in enrolling customers and teaching other Associates to do the same.

To begin earning Ambassador Bonuses you must be a Qualified Ambassador (QA), which you accomplish by completing all of the following:

1) You must have 3 non-associate Customers (NAC) to meet the customer requirement and maintain at least 3 NACs every month to remain qualified. During the first 90 days’ of Ambassador enrollment, this requirement will be considered satisfied if the Associate enrolls at least ONE NAC during each of the 3 THIRTY day periods. Should this not be sustained, the Associate will no longer be qualified, but can regain qualification as soon as there are 3 NACs in a month.

2) Personally enroll THREE (3) active Associates into the A-CAP. These first 3 satisfy the Foundation Team
(FT) requirements.

You are now a Qualified Ambassador (QA) and can begin earning Ambassador Bonuses.

Ambassador Customer Aquasition Plan

The Ambassador Bonus Program is focused on rewarding Ambassadors who enroll customers, and develop organizations that successfully maintain a satisfied customer organization.

Ambassador Bonuses are paid weekly. The weekly deadline for new business is Saturday 11:59:59 PM EST. Commission checks are processed and issued the following Friday.

Legacy Team Bonus (LTB)

The LTB bonus is $100, and is paid on every new Ambassador in your Legacy Team (LT) provided they have satisfied the NAC requirement (Rule #1). Your LT begins with your 4th personally enrolled Ambassador member. You can personally enroll as many Legacy Team Members as you want, keeping in mind your responsibilities as an Enroller.

When your Legacy Team Personally Enrolls their first 3 Ambassadors you earn $100 Coded Bonus for each, to infinite depth.

You earn $100 Code Bonus for each of your Legacy Teams’ personal Enrollee’s first 3 new Associates and their personal Enrollee’s first 3, and so on to infinite depth.

*Not an income claim. Please see official commission plan for details.

Download the PDF for more information.

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