Frequently Asked Questions
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Associate Member FAQ's

Q. What is the Back Office?
A. The Back Office is a resource where members can track weekly/monthly commissions, personal enrollments, business growth, and is a way for members to view current company information such as, events, promotions, new programs, etc.

Q. How do I get into my Back Office?
A. On any of the websites, look for “Associate Login”, located on the top left. Use your Associate ID number and the password you created during enrollment.

Q. I used to be able to log-into my Back Office with my username, but now I can’t. How do I get in?
A. The best way to get into your Back Office is to use your Associate ID number and the password you created during enrollment.

Q. What if I forgot my password?
A. Simple! Either call the corporate office or use our Live Chat feature on the website. The Client Relations Team can re-set your password.

Q. How do I know what my Associate ID is?
A. When you enrolled, you would have received a welcome email. The email has your Associate ID listed for your reference. Also, you are able to view your Associate ID number once you log into your Back Office.

Q. How many replicated sites do I have as an Associate?
A. Associates have two (2) replicated sites. A (.net) site and a (.com) site.

Q. What is the difference between the (.net) and (.com) sites?
A. (.net) sites are for Associates – it shows information of our commission structures and gives more information on the business opportunity with Call MD Plus. The (.com) site is for retail members, only information about the company and the services can be viewed from this site.

Q. If I want to enroll as an Associate, what plan must I choose?
A. You may choose any plan to be an Associate.

Q. How much is the technology fee and how often must I pay it?
A. Our technology fee is an annual $30 fee.  You will be billed $30 on your anniversary date each year.

Q. Can I be an Associate and NOT have a monthly plan?
A. Yes, you can.   Call MD Plus requires personal volume in order to obtain commissions. This is usually accomplished by purchasing a monthly plan which helps the Associate meet the commission requirement. Another, less common way, is to purchase material (tri-folds, etc) each month. If Associates wish to eliminate their monthly plan, they will need to contact the corporate office for assistance.

Q. What are the commissionable items?
A. The only items Call MD Plus considers “commissionable” are the monthly active plans. The Technology fee, Ambassador fee, and products/materials are non-commissionable.

Q. As an Associate, how much commission do I earn if I personally enroll a retail customer?
A. You will receive a 50% Fast Start from their initial enrollment order. This will be paid weekly. The following month, you will receive 33% of their plan.

Q. As an Associate, how much commission do I earn if I personally enroll another Associate?
A. You will receive a 50% Fast Start from their initial enrollment order. This will be paid weekly. The following month, you will receive 10% of their plan.

Q. When is the monthly check processed?
A. The monthly check is processed seven (7) business days after the last day of the prior month.

Q. What is the pay period for weekly checks?
A. Sunday through Saturday is the pay period for weekly commissions. Checks are processed seven (7) days after the cycle closes.

Q. How do I become an Ambassador?
A. By enrolling on the (.net) site and selecting the “Ambassador” box. You MUST be an Associate in order to be an Ambassador. Please note, the $199 Ambassador fee is an optional, one-time fee.

Q. As an Ambassador, how much do I pay each month?
A. The Ambassador fee is a one-time fee.

Q. Do I have to become an Ambassador the same day I become an Associate?
A. No, Associates may join into the Ambassador program at any time.

Q. Do you have to have a VIP plan in order to be an Ambassador?
A. No, you may choose any plan. The only requirement is that you need to be an Associate.

Q. As an Ambassador, what requirements do I need to fulfill in order to start receiving coded bonuses?
A. As an Ambassador, you must personally enroll three (3) retail members within 90 days, you must personally enroll three (3) Ambassadors who will become your Foundation Team – this will enable you to earn bonus commissions. Once you have done this, you will receive $100 for every Ambassador (Legacy Team) member you personally enroll.

Q. When are Ambassador bonuses processed?
A. Ambassador bonuses are processed with the weekly checks.


Q. What is the cost to enroll? How much will I be billed each month?
A. Members pay for their plan of choice ($19.95, $49.90, $99.90). Each month, you will be billed for your plan of choice.

Q. Are there any hidden fees associated with Call MD Plus?
A. No!

Q. Are there any restrictions because of age or current medical conditions?

  • A.
    -You must be at least 18 years of age to hold an individual membership position with Call MD Plus
  • -You must be at least 18 years of age to call in and speak to a physician
  • -Parents or guardians of minors need to call in to the services on behalf of the minor.

-There are no restrictions on access to discounts due to age or any health conditions you may have. Services already completed or in progress before you join are not discounted.

Q. Can I use any Call MD Plus discounts with my insurance program?
A. No, you must use either one service or the other. They cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

Q. How do I utilize my extra benefits?
A. The 800 number on the front of your Call MD Plus Membership Card is not only used to call a Doctor 24/7, but is also a directory tree which can transfer you to Optum Health Allies, Life events counseling, Discounted legal, and other member services.

Membership Card

Q. What is the Call MD Plus Membership Card?
A. All Call MD Plus members receive a membership card. The Call MD Plus membership card not only has all the phone numbers pertaining to your membership services, but it also doubles as a prescription discount card.

Q. Do all of my family members receive a membership card?
A. It is up to the account holder to determine if additional family members receive a Call MD Plus membership card. Children under the age of 18 will NOT receive a card.

Q. How do I add my family members to the plan/ get membership cards for them?
A. Simply contact the corporate office via phone or email to request membership cards/add dependents to your plan.

What are the ID numbers on the bottom right of my membership card?
The information on the bottom right of the membership card is used for prescription discounts. When you call in to the Pharmacy Help Desk, you will need to provide the listed Member ID, Group ID, and BIN number to the agent. The pharmacist will also need this information to provide your discount when you pick up your medication.

Q. How does the prescription drug discount work?
A. The discount card is a free service included with all plans. The Call MD Plus prescription drug program provides savings on both generic and name brand prescriptions. It allows for unlimited use by the member and their family. Prescription drug costs vary by provider due to differences in both retail and wholesale prices for their products. In the unlikely event the usual and customary charge (retail price) is lower than the Call MD Plus card discounted price, members will pay the lower price.  Always confirm the discounted price with the pharmacy prior to picking up your medications.  Participating pharmacies have the right to refuse any discount program

Q. Can I use the prescription discount card the same day I enroll?
A. Yes, immediately after your enrollment you will receive a welcome email. In the Welcome email, there is a link to your temporary prescription card – you may use this temporary card until your membership kit arrives in the mail, which takes approximately 10-14 business days.

Electronic Medical Record/HIPAA Compliance

Q. Will this membership keep my medical information private?
A. All personal health information is stored in our HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and will not be shared without your prior consent.  Call MD Plus enforces and is compliant with HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations.

Corporate Office

Q. What are the Call MD Plus corporate and Client Relations office hours?
A. The Corporate office and Client Relation Teams are available Monday – Friday, 9am-7pmEST. Phone (888) 625-2629.

Q. Once I enroll, how long does it take for a membership kit to be mailed to me?
A. Members receive a welcome email immediately upon enrollment.  It does take about 10-14 business days for your membership kit to arrive at the address listed on the account. If members have not received a membership kit within that time, we ask that you call the corporate office (888) 625-2629.

Account Information

Q. How do I change/update my contact information?
A. You can change/update any of your contact information/credit card information from your Back Office, or, members can contact the corporate office for assistance with updating any information.

Q. Can I change my plan levels?
A. Yes, by calling the corporate office, you can upgrade/downgrade your plan.

Q. When am I billed?
A. Members are billed on the same date that you enrolled each month. For example, if you enrolled on the 15th of the month, then you will automatically be billed on the 15th of every month.

Q. How do I pay for my membership?
A. Memberships are paid each month via electronic credit or debit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX).  The credit card used for initial enrollment is automatically stored and charged for the monthly membership fee. Card information can be changed at anytime.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?
A. On the bottom of all of the web-pages, there is an “Easy Cancel” button. Also, members can email or call the corporate office (888) 625-2629.

Member Services

Q. When can members can call in and speak with a doctor?
A. Physicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Q. When do I have to pay a Consultation Fee?
A. Call MD Plus Doctors are available 24/7/365 to answer medical questions, and give medical advice at no extra cost. When calling in for a diagnosis and/or prescription, a $35.00 consultation fee will apply to Basic and Ultimate members.

Q. Does a consultation fee apply if I need to speak to a pediatrician/naturopathic doctor for advice only?
A. No!

Q. How do I speak to a pediatrician?
A. If your child is sick, simply call in and let the medical team agent know you are calling on behalf of a minor.  At this point, your call will automatically be taken by a pediatrician.

Q. How do I speak to a naturopathic physician?
A. When you call in to use the services, simply inform the medical team agent you would like to speak to a holistic physician.

Optum Health Allies

Q. How do I obtain a discount through Optum Health Allies?
A. Call MD Plus Ultimate and VIP members are provided an Optum Health Allies Member ID number, which is printed on the front of your Call MD Plus Card. For step by step instructions on obtaining a discount, please visit:  or call the 800 number on the front of your Call MD Plus card to speak to an Optum Health Allies Representative.

Q. Why do Washington state and Rhode Island residents have a discounted price for the VIP plan?
A. Due to Washington and Rhode Island state regulations, Optum Health Allies does not provide their services in those states.  As a result, Washington and Rhode Island residents have a different monthly plan fee.