Nexus™ Commission Plan
Earn fast start and residual incomes

The Best of Both Worlds...

Monthly Residual Income - everyone wants this, who wouldn’t? Call
MD Plus may just have the solution. Our plan is designed to pay you
month after month and allows you freedom and independence. Our
Fast Start and Ambassador bonus plans are designed to get things
moving in the right direction quickly and the bonuses are paid

Call MD Plus provides the opportunity, it’s your lifetime, and so on...
set your sights high, anything is possible !

Commission Plan Overview

The following will explain the foundation of our commission structure.

Nexus™ Master Builder Plan

Fast Start Bonus (FSB)

When a Call MD Plus Service package is sold to a Non-Associate Customer (NAC), or when enrolling
another Associate, a FSB of 50% based on the Service Plan price, is paid to the enrolling Associate.




Basic $19.95 $9.97
Ultimate $49.90 $24.95
VIP $99.90 $49.95

Fast Start Bonuses are paid weekly. The weekly deadline for new business is Saturday 11:59:59 PM EST. Commission checks are processed 5 business days following the new business deadline.

Monthly Commissions are processed 7 business days following the end of the month.
Luxury Allowances are processed on the 15th of every month for the prior month.

Upline Retail Commission (URC)

This residual commission is monthly beginning month 2 when a new Retail Customer is enrolled. The Enroller’s Enroller
is paid 2% of second months Commissionable volume, this commission will continue monthly based on each month’s
Commissionable Volume thereafter. In essence, 2% commission will be paid upline 9 levels each month, beginning
with the Enroller’s Enroller.

Monthly Level Pay (MLP)

Designed to provide monthly income for those that build and train a sales organization. These monthly commissions are paid based on the Personal Volume (PV) of every Associate every month after the first month a service plan is in effect.

As an Associate you can enroll other Associates, and they can do the same. Only Active Associates qualify. To be active the Associate must have at least $19.95 PV. Active Associates are paid 10% based on the (PV) of each of their Level 1 Associates, which are also referred to as Personal Enrollees (PE), and 3% of the PV of their 2nd Level Associates.

Note: PV does not include an Associates’ sales to NACs.

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