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The first day I was an Associate I enrolled 3 of my friends...the next week...I got paid a fast start bonus for enrolling them! Now I get a check every month they are enrolled, and i make money off of their enrollments as well. It's so easy to make money with this lucrative payplan on a product that everybody needs...

I enrolled about 3 months ago.  During this time, I talked to my friends who own a few nail salons. When they heard how affordable the programs are and what the services can do for their own employees, they immediately enrolled their business.  Now, they are happy to be able to offer affordable health solutions to their employees without going broke themselves! Not only do I feel pride in knowing I helped out my friends, but I am also happy to learn that I can earn a monthly check too!
A very happy Associate

I am a new Associate, and at first, I was nervous as to how I was going to start my new business.  I didn’t know much about marketing and didn’t know that much about the services.  After enrolling, I went into my Back Office - there are so many tools and resources for people like me to turn to!  For instance, there are presentations for me to read and share with others, webinars for me and other prospects to listen to, web-marketing tools, and even Facebook banners for advertising!  Not to mention, the Live Chat feature and easy access/incredible support from the Client Relations team makes it so easy for me to reach out and share with others.  Trust me, if I can do it, so can everyone else!
Forever Thankful,

My friend told me about this opportunity several months ago, after doing lots of online research, I saw many articles talking about how overcrowded Emergency Rooms are because of unnecessary ER visits. Knowing how Call MD Plus is part of the solution to this ever-growing problem, I enrolled immediately and have been talking to everyone.  I feel that if I can eliminate an unnecessary visit to the ER and save a significant amount of money, then I want others to be able to have access to this incredible service as well.  The best part? I earn a weekly check – just from educating others.
Kind Regards,

I have been enrolled for about a year.  Within that year, I have talked to everyone, from owners of large businesses to individuals, and everyone has the same reaction: disbelief.  When they hear that there’s an affordable service available to everyone, and that service enables members to talk to Licensed physicians 24hrs a day, offer discounts on tons of medical procedures, and can reduce costly medical bills, they jump at the opportunity!  I cannot begin to describe how blessed I am to be part of an organization that can offer a useful solution to everyone while generating an income for doing so!  Always a member,