Luxury Allowance VIP Club
Helping you build a stronger team

VIP Club Luxury Allowance

Call MD Plus has created a Luxury Allowance program to reward our Ambassador VIP Leaders! This simple and powerful program will incentivize leaders to build strong teams throughout their organization.

The Process Begins With YOU!

Along with all fast start, monthly residuals and coded bonuses,you will now receive a VIP luxury allowance of $100.00 per month. This can help pay your monthly cell phone, utility, auto gas bill or a dinner out, and most importantly, you decide how you spend it!.

-Monthly Luxury Allowances are paid as long as all qualifications are met. Monthly allowances are progressive, not cumulative. (Meaning, when you reach your objectives, the $400 replaces the $100, and the $1000 replaces the $400.)
-* Legacy Team Qualified means enrolling 3 - Foundation team members, 3 - Legacy Teams members and 3 retail customers (retail can be on any plan)

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